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Welcome WiiEva!


Welcome WiiEva!

Posted By oleg

Wiieva board – Is an all in one IoT board for unlimited and universal type of solutions and practice of them. It is Arduino UNO sized, and PIN-2-PIN compatible.
Wiieva is based on popular esp8266, which gives you WiFi connectivity and fast CPU with 4Mb flash from the box. There are wide ranges of IDE’s, which are available for developing for your applications – from Arduino IDE to command line toolchains.

It’s core. But real amazing things are rich multimedia and environment capabilities.

  • Built-in digital microphone and speaker. They are added for voice controlled IoT applications. Bundled libraries allow you to call Google Speech recoginition or play mp3 file in few lines of code.
  • Built-in LCD screen with touch panel is ideal solution for creating smooth user interface.
  • MicroSD card socket is also on the board. It gives you a space for storing media files.
  • BME280 sensor. It is temperature, humidity and pressure sensor. Provided libraries make measurements are very simple.
  • Infrared LED  allows to remote control of devices just like TV AV or even air conditioners
  • LiPol charger gives wiieva wireless capability. Just attach LiPol battery.
  • Finally, standard Arduino expansion headers with ADC, PWM and GPIO are available.
  • MicroUSB connector with 2 modes are available: USB-Serial for flashing esp8266, and USB-Mass storage for transfer files to MicroSD


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